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Delicious, fresh, family-grown blueberries.


Healthy and delicious!

LOW FAT: Despite their sweet, delicious flavor, blueberries only have 80 calories per one cup serving, with almost no fat content.


VITAMIN C: One serving of blueberries fulfills nearly 25% of your daily Vitamin C requirement.


FIBER: Just one handful of blueberries helps fulfill your recommended daily fiber intake!


MANGANESE: Blueberries are packed with manganese, which is vital to bone development and converting proteins, carbohydrates and fat into energy.

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Why are blueberries so special?

Fresh from our fields!

Blueberries are native to eastern North America and are one of the few crop plants that originated here. Florida is home to at least 8 wild blueberry species, one of which is the highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum).


In the 1950s, the University of Florida set out to breed new blueberry cultivars for potential commercial purposes in Florida’s mild winter climate. What is now known as the southern highbush blueberry was the result of cross-breeding northern highbush cultivars with Vaccinium species found throughout Florida and the southeast. Southern highbush blueberries require less chill hours while combining good fruit quality and production. (1) In 1976, the University of Florida blueberry breeding program released the first varieties showing good potential for commercial growing blueberries in Florida. One of these was “Sharpblue”, which was one of the 2 varieties we at Frosty Blue Farms planted in our first planting in 2000.


Numerous improved southern highbush cultivars have been developed by the University of Florida breeding program since the 1970s. The following listed cultivars are in production at Frosty Blue Farms today:



Emerald is high yielding with large, high-quality berries. The fruit clusters are tight and do not ripen together, causing more difficulty hand-harvesting this variety. ‘Emerald’ is considered a later-producing blueberry in Florida, peaking in mid-to-late April.


Jewel are slightly smaller and softer than ‘Emerald’, but the yield potential is high and berry quality is very good - although berries tend to remain tart until fully ripe. ‘Jewel’ is considered a mid-season cultivar for Florida.


Springhigh is an early producer in Florida. Good-flavored, larger berries with darker color and less waxy bloom.


Primadonna is a heavy producer in some years but can be low producing other years. They’re always an early-season blueberry with second harvest crop in many years. Sweet, high-quality berries.


Meadowlark is a good producer and is considered early. Berry clusters are loose and easy to harvest. Very firm fruit and mildly sweet.


Kestrel ripens very early with medium-to-large berries. They have excellent flavor and are easily harvested by hand.


Chickadee are a very early ripening cultivar with low chilling requirement. Berries are large and sweet with low acidity, and have a firm-to-semi-crisp texture.

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